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We are here to answer all of your questions and curiosities about LYB makeup & beauty products. Some of the commonly asked queries are answered below:

1) Can I apply LYB Eyeliner with my contact lenses on?

Yes, surely. The LYB eyeliner is suitable for contact lens wear. It will keep the lens intact and help you define a structure to your eyes.

2) How many strokes are required for the best eye makeup?

You only require a single application of LYB eyeliner on your eyes. They are highly pigmented and gives you the needed finish. Gently hold your eyeliner and apply it once to achieve the best eye makeup look.

3) Is the LYB eyeliner easy to remove?

Use an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve the applied eyeliner. A liquid solution helps the eyeliner to come off easily in a single swipe. Cleansing water is perfect for eye makeup removal.

4) Are your cosmetic products natural?

LYB makeup products are built using organic nutrients and are clinically proven. We are proud to share the natural cosmetics with beautiful ladies out there. Try on cruelty-free makeup to preserve skin and the environment

5) What can I do when the LYB kajal goes blunt?

The LYB kajal comes with a sharpener along with it. The time you feel your kajal pencil has gone blunt, use the sharpener in order to hone to a razor edge. It is handy and you can carry your eyeliner and sharpener in a purse.

6) Do I need to retouch the eyeliner after a while?

The LYB eyeliner is designed such that you don’t need to retouch after the first application. It comes with a no-budge formula to keep your eye makeup look flawless all day.

7) What is the formula to get a perfect winged eyeliner?

First up select an angle you want the eyeliner to wing in. Draw out the shape with LYB’s I Frame Liquid eyeliner. The precise tip makes it easy to stroke through. Fill in the shape with the eyeliner/LYB Foxy eyes kajal for a better finish. That’s it, you’re done creating magic to your eyes.

8) Does LYB eyeliner smear off due to heat?

LYB eyeliner is completely suitable for a humid climate. It is built with no smudge formula and is heat resistant as well. Lay off your worries with LYB’s I frame eyeliner when you are exposed to hot weather.

9) How long does the LYB Kajal/Eyeliner stay?

LYB presents a long-lasting range of kajal and eyeliner that stays up to 24 hours. Get home a super black kajal/eyeliner to provide a depth to your eyes.

10)Are the LYB cosmetics safe to my eyes & skin?

They are completely safe to your skin & eyes. Without any hesitation apply on your sensitive eyes as it is ophthalmologically & dermatologically tested.

11) Is LYB Foxy eyes kajal healthy for eyes?

Our eye makeup products are enriched with vitamins and castor oil. It not only beautifies your eyes but also serves as a therapy. It helps promote the growth of eyelashes and control the lash fall.

12)What type of finish LYB eyeliner gives?

The liquid eyeliner gives an unbelievable matte finish. On the application, it dries out instantly which reduces the chances of smearing out.


LYB(Lock Your Beauty) is an India based makeup brand that is focused to make skin & earth-friendly products with zero compromise on quality.
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