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About Lock Your Beauty

LYB - Lock Your Beauty’s mission is to elevate your beauty to another level. Our beautifying agents choose to provide value over vanity. The cosmetic products we design are perfect for all skin types. Each of them is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. We aim to contribute smooth and precise beauty products that are easy to apply. Pretty much everyone is concerned about the quality of makeup products. That is the reason, we are determined to proffer natural cosmetics that is paraffin & preservative-free. With 10,000+ happy and very much valued customers across India, we take pride in offering a loved range of color cosmetics, skincare, eye makeup for ladies and men. Safely, we are preparing super stay kajal, eyeliner, beauty blender, lashes, mascara, colored liner, and more items that are natural to your skin. We expect to if you don’t mind heading off to every corner of the nation to contact you! LYB Makeup was originated in 2018 and leading to which we are hoping to launch a range of affordable natural makeup in the upcoming year. Today we transport over the length and expansiveness of the nation to pretty much every postal division with the support of dependable dispatch organizations.

As the final say regarding everything beauty, LYB Makeup is inspired in creating 100% pure and chemical-free makeup. In fact, the ingredients are derived from organic products that set out for the best quality. Lock Your Beauty is tied in to enhance your external and internal beauty and help their customers live an era of succeeding years. Get budget-friendly LYB cosmetics to soak up vegan makeup of all times. We duly appreciate the certainty, quality & beauty that all of you carry our makeup products with. We nurture the creativity that masters your makeup skills and it feels overjoyed to share on our social media pages. As you find your individual style, we are hooked up in deriving the best makeup products and servicing cosmetics online.



Find natural products that are healthy to your skin



Frame your eyes in just a single application



Swear by water resistant products to beat the heat



Get earth friendly makeup without compromising quality



Choose an eyeliner that is Good for Earth


LYB(Lock Your Beauty) is an India based makeup brand that is focused to make skin & earth-friendly products with zero compromise on quality.
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